The RickeyPAC Mission

At RickeyPAC we want to make it easy for people to convince their friends to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Plenty of people are busy, distracted, stressed, and think they have more important things to do. But for one hour on November 4, they really truly don’t. This truly is the election of a lifetime, and we need everyone to cast their votes. We’re worried about our friend Rickey—that he might choose not to vote. And we want to remind others that they have their own “Rickey” in their group of friends—a smart, thoughtful person who knows that voting is important, but still might need to be cajoled into doing it. This is our way of trying to help.

Our mission at RickeyPAC is to make it as easy as possible—for our Rickey, for your Rickey, for anyone’s Rickey—to vote in the upcoming presidential election. 55.3 percent of voting-age Americans turned out to vote in the 2004 elections. That’s the highest rate of voter turnout since 1968. But the other half of us decided to stay home. We can do better. This year we need to do better. This year we need every last Rickey to stand up and be counted.

If you’re a Rickey, we encourage you to visit our Voting Resources page to find the information you need to get registered and to get to the polls. Don’t want to stand in line with the masses? We’ll even tell you how you can vote early and avoid the crush of the populace.

If you know a Rickey, we encourage you to forward this site to him. It just may give him the gentle nudge he needs to leave his ass groove on the couch long enough to save the world from the forces of darkness. And if she needs more than a gentle nudge, bake her some American flag cupcakes. Who doesn’t love a cupcake?