Who’s YOUR Rickey?

We all know someone like Rickey—a smart, thoughtful person who knows that voting is important, but still might need to be cajoled into doing it. Think for a second, and it’ll come to you—who’s your Rickey? Take a moment and send him or her a note, expressing your hope that voting won’t take a back seat this year. Tell them, “You’re My Rickey! And I really want you to vote!”

Following is what we sent to our Rickey. We encourage you to cut and paste the following into an email, personalize it, and send it along. It will take only a moment of your time, and the nation will thank you for it.

Our letter to Rickey…


Tired of politics? Are you one of the millions of Americans who just don’t care anymore, who thinks that Washington frankly sucks ass?

We see your point. But we want to change your mind.

We’re your friends. We’re your allies. We’re the people who have seen you run naked around McCullough in the middle of J-Term. We’re RickeyPAC.

We’re here to help. We’re dedicated to convincing you that your vote matters this year. You matter this year.

This may come as a surprise to you, but you’re currently living in Nevada, a swing state in 2008. Your vote could be the tipping point for the forces of Good, or it could languish unused and taunt you for the rest of your life.

The destiny of the free world is in your hands.

The deadline for voter registration in Nevada is October 14. If you’re not already registered to vote in Nevada, you must do so in person at the Election Department of Clark County.

Rickey, your country needs you. We need you. Please vote. Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze? With a cherry on top? You’re the best!

Convince Your Rickey to Vote

We all know a Rickey whether we realize it or not. Rickey could be your brother or sister, your grandmother or uncle in Kalamazoo. Your Rickey could be that classmate who ate paste in fourth grade and who just friended you on Facebook. You could even make it your mission to meet new Rickeys by chatting up people in line at the grocery store. Regardless of who your Rickey is they are out there and you can convince them to vote! We have faith in you!

Here are just a few of the things you can do to convince your Rickeys to vote: send them an email; text them little encouraging reminders; promise to bake them their favorite treat; get your friends and family in on it. Above all, we encourage you to have fun with this. If nothing else you could at least get your Rickey to watch this outrageously hilarious video performed, recorded, and edited by one of our very own for our very own Rickey. **Warning: not suitable for small children who are easily startled or for any adult who lacks a really, really robust sense of humor.**

Here is an example of an email that you can download and send to your Rickey. As Ahhhnold would say, “Dooooo it! Do it NAAAAOOOOWWWW!”

Why does your vote count Rickey?

I know, I know, voting can seem boring. Voting means you might have to stand in line with the weird lady who gives you funny looks when you buy condoms at the drug store. It means that you might run into your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend who lives down the street from you (doesn’t it suck to see his car out in front of her place when you go to work some mornings?). You may have to tell your boss you will be in late or have to leave early. The ballot could be confusing, long, full of people you have never heard of (you know they have voter’s information pamphlets you can read and there is lots of info online right?) It’s a civic right and duty not entertainment after all.

But NOT voting means you have no right to bitch when the country isn’t going the way you want it to. NOT voting means when someone asks, “who did you vote for” you have to make something up and feel that weird little squinky feeling you get when you tell a lie. NOT voting means that the Forces of Darkness will march across the land and devour all of humanity before your very eyes. So instead, why don’t you get off your butt and VOTE! You’ll feel much better, I swear.