Who is RickeyPAC?

Jeff Inglis is the managing editor of the Portland Phoenix, in Portland, Maine. He wants every Rickey to vote. That’s really all there is. Oh, and politically, he’s a member of the Slightly Silly Party.

RickeyPAC blogger Jay Robison lives in Texas with his wife, son and two dogs. He diaries on DailyKos as AustinCynic and posts brain droppings on Open Salon under that handle also. A political junkie from an early age, he is a Democrat because a quarter-century as a Chicago Cubs fan has made him used to repeated disappointment and how to face it with boundless optimism. His short fiction has appeared in the alternate history anthology Ring of Fire II, a collection of stories set in the world of Eric Flint’s “Ring of Fire” series, as well as in the Grantville Gazette, an e-zine for yet more RoF stories. In 2001 he was a one-day champion on Jeopardy! where he put his useless knowledge to use and proved he was approximately 1/72nd as smart as Ken Jennings.

Contact: jkrobiso@yahoo.com

Terra Reilly has to admit that according to Sarah Palin and John McCain she has only lived in “real America” once in her life during a brief stint in Olathe, Kansas. She was raised as an “east coast liberal elite” and now lives in the west coast liberal sanctuary of Seattle, Washington. Her politics were shaped by an early love for history and the tendency to reject the thin gruel of information supplied by the major media outlets and grade school textbooks. Eight years of excellent education at the Holderness School and Middlebury College opened her eyes and taught her that it is important to look at lots of information, from many sources, make up your own mind, but most of all to ACT! Terra now runs a geeky-boutiquey marketing and interactive media agency Captive Orbit where she cracks the whip and makes her clients look great as her day job. In the evening her alter-ego ‘Cupcake’ takes over and rabble-rouses as a rock climber, ski patroller, malamute wrangler, political junkie and all around smart-ass. Terra has already voted for Barak Obama as President, but wants her detractors to know she did not vote a straight Democratic ticket, “I do think for myself, thank you very much.”

Contact: terra@rickeypac.org
Blog: http://2dognight.blogspot.com as “San”

Janine Hetherington, RickeyPAC Songstress, likes to think of herself as a Maverick-lover. Maverick, of course, being a delicious chocolate-caramel-raisin confection made by Nestle and sold in the UK, until it was prematurely and cruelly discontinued in 2000. In addition to her maverick-y tastes, she is the mother of three young boys, ages 1-6, and a teenage foster daughter who grew up in Afghanistan. She is the wife of a hunky fly-fishing guru, performance underwear model, professional schmoozer and former bad-boy partier. He makes her laugh, puts up with her slightly-strong opinions, and they make beautiful babies together.

Prior to marriage, mortgages, children and responsibility, Janine was a mountaineering guide in the European Alps and a French teacher in Switzerland. Now, post-graduate school, Janine is a fundraiser by profession, devoting her life to the non-profitable job of raising money for non-profits. She spends plenty of time focusing on educational opportunities for Afghans and dabbles in primary school development.

Janine is an avid Vermont localvore and is proud that her children like Brussels sprouts, swiss chard, cabbage and kale. They also knew the pig they ate for Sunday breakfast last week and once chased after the chicken they hungrily devoured at dinner last night. She loves to play squash, ski, cycle, hike – just about anything that will make her sweat. Janine’s type-A personality makes her a natural organizer. She’s known as Julie McCoy by many of her friends. She has a serious addiction to 80’s music and can sing, from memory, a disturbing number of songs from that era. This addiction has proven particularly useful in recent weeks when she was called upon to pen a theme song for RickeyPAC. She is sure you will fondly remember Toni Basil’s 1983 hit when you listen to “Hey Rickey.”

By the way, Janine has great hair!

Janine can be reached at janifost@rickeypac.org

Douglas Perkins grew up in southern Maine where he hiked, biked, played hockey, ate shremp and lobstah, and somehow managed to graduate as the salutatorian of his high school class. In the fall of 1990 he said goodbye to all the flatlanders and moved to Vermont to attend Middlebury College. At Club Midd he hiked, biked, played hockey, ate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, streaked, and by some bizarre twist of fate managed to graduate cum laude with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Art History (and some French to complete the illusion of well-roundedness).

After college Doug moved to Boulder, Colorado where he hiked, raced bicycles somewhat professionally, watched hockey on television, barbecued with friends, drank really good beer, took up skiing, had the best pancakes EVER, witnessed the depths of the grunge movement, got chased by a mountain lion, survived the daily grind of working at IBM (he wanted to be a bartender, but even the bartenders in Boulder had PhDs), and learned that 2 feet of snow is NOT a blizzard.

Eventually, Doug made his way back to Middlebury where he bartended, raced some more, hiked, played hockey again, skied, and drank more really good beer.

These days Doug makes his home in downtown Middlebury with his wife Lisa, his daughter Halle, and three cats. His business cards say that he is the Administrative Operations Manager at the Middlebury College Museum of Art and a self-taught graphic designer who designs logos, business cards, websites, and other identity materials for small businesses. In his spare time, he buys organic, locally grown food at the farmers’ market, teaches his daughter sign language, tries to revive his French, watches the occasional EUFA Champions League match, and dominates the regional Scrabble circuit.

Secretly he hates it when people use lingo, and he has been known to dope slap posers who like to talk about “the disconnect” between things.

Contact: douglas@deperkinsdesign.com

Rabbi Jonathan Freirich is a late addition to RickeyPAC, and perhaps the only other Nevadan in the group. Currently serving as rabbi for a small congregation in South Lake Tahoe, Jonathan lives in neighboring Stateline, Nevada, with his fellow Midd grad Ginny Reel, and their son, Jude. A life-long unapologetically proud liberal, Jonathan also serves as an At Large Member of the Executive Board of the Nevada State Democratic Party. Election night watch party in Stateline—everyone is invited!

Contact: rabbijonathan@yahoo.com or jonfreirich@gmail.com

Rebecca Plona Peterson also does stuff for RickeyPAC. The only really interesting thing about her is that she’s known Jim Rodda since third grade, which has sent her life in all sorts of strange directions.

Jim Rodda, founder of RickeyPAC, is an intensely private person who owns, like, 30 guns.